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POD Drive Interface – Available Now!

The Dockmate TWIST can now connect to POD drive systems, thanks to our new POD drive CANbus interface.

Dockmate TWIST IPS offers a wireless extension of your boat’s joystick, with the exact same feeling and response time. 


TWIST IPS Key Features

Maneuver your boat from any place on board

Control engines or POD system , and horn with the proportional joystick

Control bow thruster, and 1 or 2 anchor winches or windlasses with separate buttons

Twist the joystick to rotate your boat

Operates Dynamic Positioning system when installed

Allows to engage High Mode


3-axis Proportional Joystick

The 3-axis joystick allows you to push the joystick in all directions (360°): forward, backwards, sideways, diagonally and everywhere in between. You can also push down on the joystick to activate the horn.

The Dockmate TWIST IPS joystick acts as a portable version of your boat’s built-in joystick, with the exact same feeling and response time.

Finetuning is still possible through our software, should the customer wish so.


Wireless Charger

Thanks to the wireless charger, Dockmate TWIST IPS can easily be charged while you’re not using it.
That way Dockmate TWIST IPS is always ready for you when you need it. 

CANbus Interface

The CANbus Interface acts as an extra station in the system and doesn’t require any calibration.