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All boats with electronic engine control can be equipped with our DOCKMATE system, regardless the type or length of the yacht. Operation is easy, accurate, safe and reliable, and can be done from any location on board. Our transmitter has a very simple, clear layout. Should the transmitter somehow slip out of your hands, all systems will immediately drop to neutral. 

The NEW Dockmate TWIST offers a joystick control for even greater control and responsiveness. The joystick controls both the gearbox and throttle of each engine, plus the bow and stern thrusters, giving you ultimate control. The all new Dockmate TWIST makes manoeuvring your vessel a flawless operation.


TWIST Joystick Remote

Also available for POD drive systems

New Dockmate TWIST


Our transmitter, preferably worn with a neck strap, is completely waterproof and floats. It has the size of an iPhone. In our most simple configuration, the transmitter sends a coded digital signal to the receiver which operates the gears and horn. The system can be modularly extended with bow thruster, stern thruster and windlass. DOCKMATE also exists for vessels with a single engine.

The DOCKMATE signal reaches up to 50 meters. It can also be used from the pier, although this is not recommended. Our receiver is mounted behind the dashboard and measures about 22 by 22 cm. Each DOCKMATE system is unique and will not be disturbed by any other DOCKMATE. The installation time is 1 working day, including testing and commissioning of the system.

Our factory warranty is 3 years.

With two styles of controller, you can select the style that is right for you. 


Twin Engine Remote


17 Important Facts About Dockmate

1- Dockmate simultaneously uses 5 channels of the 433Mhz radio frequency with Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS).  “Because FHSS is a wireless technology that spreads its signal over rapidly hopping radio frequencies, it is highly resistant to interference and is difficult to intercept.” 


2- Dockmate uses the latest technology with multiple processors (CPU).  The Dockmate receiver’s main board has its own CPU and each digital module or CAN bus module that  Dockmate uses has its own CPU.   Depending on the vessel’s equipment, there can be up to 7 separate CPU’s in the Dockmate.   Analog modules do not require a CPU.


3- Dockmate has dual relays for safety and redundancy.  All Dockmate analog modules have dual relays with multiple contactors in each relay. ALL four (4) contactors in the relays need to engage in order for the engine to go into gear. If one relay does not engage, then the vessel will NOT go into gear.  If one of the relays fails while the vessel is in gear, the boat GOES TO NEUTRAL.  The Dockmate ALWAYS defaults to neutral.


4- Dockmate has highly-advanced and proprietary NextGen customizable software and diagnostic tools.  Every time the Dockmate is turned on, it performs a “status check” on the system.  If there are any issues, then the transmitter and receiver will alarm the user.  The NextGen software will be able to determine exactly what the issue is.


5- Dockmate has LED lights on the receiver to let you know that all of the processors are operating properly.  Dockmate also has lights on the transmitters for battery level and to indicate the status of the two-way radio transmission.


6- Dockmate has a visual and an acoustical alarm on the remote in the highly unlikely event that communication is ever lost.


7- Dockmate has a designated “Take Command” feature to switch between the Dockmate remote and the boat’s electronic engine controls. This feature depends on the manufacturer of these controls. Most controls have a “take command” button and the Dockmate “SEL” button operates the same way.  The “SEL” button must be pressed to activate the Dockmate.


8- Dockmate remotes are completely waterproof and float!  If your remote happens to be dropped in water or gets water in it and stops working for any reason, then please send it back to Dockmate for a FREE replacement unit, which will be returned to you all-programmed and ready to go.  The Dockmate remotes have a rubbery finish that is soft to the touch and durable.  The Dockmate product has a three (3) year warranty.


9- The Dockmate TWIST is the ONLY 3-axis remote and it can be operated with ONE HAND.  The TWIN remote is flat with convex pads over each function to easily interpret what function you are using without having to look at the remote.


10- The Dockmate receiver is IP64 rated and manufactured to the highest standard of quality.  All of the cables connections on the Dockmate receiver are waterproof; however the Dockmate is designed to be mounted under your helm in a dry location, just like all other electronic equipment.


11- Dockmate can connect to the vessel’s electronics controls using an analog or digital connection.  Dockmate uses custom-made “Plug N Play” cabling and no cutting has to be done in order for the system to work.


12- Dockmate uses custom made cables that are exact replicas of the manufacturer’s cables.   Watch the video for a sample of our “Plug N Play” cables.  If you don’t see your specific electronic control cables in the video, then please email us and we will send you a picture.


13- Dockmate has been through extensive testing and has FCC certification.


14- Dockmate is fully licensed and insured.  Dockmate EU has worldwide product liability insurance and each distributor also has product liability insurance.  Since the inception of Dockmate in 2012, there has never been an insurance claim.

15- Dockmate has proven in federal court that they do not infringe on any patents, in fact, Dockmate provided irrefutable evidence that would invalidate any relating patents to wireless remote control technology which competitors think are contestable.

16- Dockmate has relationships with several well-known and long-established companies like Side Power, VETUS and Glendinning.  Dockmate also has a demo boat with VETUS and Glendinning.


17- Dockmate has been in business since 2012 with several thousand units installed worldwide on hundreds of different boat manufacturers.