As is known, each ship behaves slightly differently with the same input (for example, a single engine sailboat versus a twin engine yacht). Dockmate in combination with DockControl software offers customers a personalized remote control that can be adapted to the real capabilities of their vessel and their own sailing style. DockControl allows the installer to program the remote control by choosing a desired combination of engine (s) and bow and / or stern thruster. It allows to adjust the sensitivity and behavior of the Dockmate TWIST joystick and buttons and choose which functions are activated.

DockControl is frequently updated with improvements, optimizations and new functions. With these updates, Dockmate also adds support for new throttles (recently Aventics and Mercury, among others). “Our remote controls provide unprecedented flexibility for owners who want safer and easier maneuvering,” said Timo Arnouts, Dockmate spokesperson. “The problem is that every boat reacts slightly differently and every skipper steers his boat in a different way. While existing solutions require you to customize your style, DockControl allows our certified installers to tailor the remote’s functions to suit specific needs. This has never been done before and we are very proud of the results ”.

The DockControl software takes it one step further by letting the installers adjust each function of the controller for optimal performance. If a boat has only one bow thruster and no stern thruster – which is very common – the DockControl software can be programmed to safely move the boat sideways to the dock by shifting one motor in forward and one motor in reverse, this in combination with the bow thruster.

If the boat has bow and stern thrusters, one is often more dominant than the other, making it more difficult to move the boat sideways and parallel to the dock. DockControl offers a solution for this scenario. The settings can be adjusted so that a slight sideways push of the joystick turns on the weakest thruster first and a harder push turns on both thrusters. The engine controls can also be fine-tuned and adjusted (such as deceleration and speed control).

Dockmate® offers the most advanced, easy-to-use and affordable wireless technology. The reliable and intuitive Dockmate SINGLE, TWIN, TWIST and VECTOR (for Volvo IPS and other POD systems) allow any skipper to dock a boat with one hand so he can leave his helm while still in full control about the boat’s movements.

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