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Dockmate Cradle

Fixed joystick or wireless remote control? No need to choose!

Dockmate® TWIST or VECTOR, combined with its Cradle — a wireless charger —, provides the best of both worlds. The Dockmate® Cradle is specially developed to accommodate the Dockmate® remotes, including the SINGLE and TWIN.

Mounted anywhere inside or out, like on the flybridge. Waterproof (IPX6), UV-resistant, anodized aluminium chassis. Multiple units can be installed for optimal convenience.

The Dockmate Cradle is mounted flat on the dashboard or any other surface (horizontal, vertical or anything in between). As an option, the Dockmate Cradle can also be supplied on a stand. Ideal if you have limited space on your dashboard or if you want to have your Dockmate remote mounted at an angle.