Dockmate Installs

View some of our recent Dockmate installs below. Dockmate offers customised solutions for all types of vessels, with remotes to suit shaft and stern drive vessels, pod drive and even outboards. Get in touch to discuss a tailored solutio for your vessel.

boat dock system


A brand new Iliad 50 power catamaran fitted with Dockmate Twist wireless remote. The new owner will have the freedom to operate his vessel from anywhere on board, with throttle control enabled to give extra power when needed. Controlling twin engines via Yanmar controls, proportional control of Sleipner SLINK bow thruster, plus anchor winch and horn.

The Dockmate Twist is intuitively designed for ease of use and offers proportional control at your fingertips for a stress free docking experience.


dockmate docking system
docking remote
docking remote
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Selene 60

Dockmate Twist installed to this newly imported Selene. A beautiful vessel with stunning interior and ocean going capabilities, the Dockmate will be a great addition on this twin engine passage maker. Whether exploring sleepy anchorages or cruising up the coast, the Dockmate will make docking the vessel so much easier for the new owner. 

Dockmate wirelessly controls twin engines via Microcommander controls, Max-Power hydraulic bow & stern thrusters, anchor winch and horn.

remote docking system
wireless remote controllers
wireless boat dock
wireless boat docking
wireless remote control system
boat docking


Dockmate with Twist Joystick remote installed to this Princess 75. For wireless control of twin Caterpillar engines, Sleipner proportional bow & stern thrusters, anchor winch and horn. 

The new owner can take command of the vessel from anywhere onboard and enable Slow Vessel Mode via the select button on the remote. The joystick remote also provides proportional control of the thrusters through the S-Link gateway, operating just the same as when at the main helm. Docking this beauty will be a breeze with the Dockmate Twist in hand.

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Dockmate TWIN remote installed to a Riviera 51 Flybridge on the Gold Coast. This is the owners second boat with a Dockmate onboard, opting to have it fitted before the vessel departs to its home berth on the Central Coast. 

Controlling twin engines, Side Power bow & stern thruster, Muir anchor winch and horn. With wireless control via the touchpad remote, Dockmate makes docking easy.

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wireless docking controls
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Newly developed CANbus module connecting the new digital Twin Disc controls on this brand new Coral Coast. The Dockmate TWIST providing proportional speed control of twin engines, proportional control of two bow & two stern Sleipner S-Link thrusters, dual anchor winches and horn. Complete wireless control of the vessel.

This vessel is one of the first in Australia to launch with the new CANbus Twin Disc controls, which Dockmate is now compatible. Dockmate is committed to delivering the latest in advanced technological developments to the marine market.

The owner will have no concerns about visibility on this catamaran, being able to maneuver the boat from anywhere, single handed, even in challenging locations or conditions.

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Dockmate Twist Joystick remote for single engine fitted to this beautiful Beneteau 65 sailing yacht.

Controlling single engine via Teleflex i6000 controls, Quick bow & stern thruster, anchor winch and horn. The owner can enjoy a day out sailing, solo or with friends, without any concerns about docking. With speed control also enabled, he’ll have the ability to rev the engine when needed and maintain complete control from anywhere onboard.

wireless remote controllers
docking remote
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